We've built AI for millions

of global users

GroundX is the latest technology from EyeLevel.ai, a company founded by a team of tech veterans who've built AI applications for millions of global users over the last decade. We started designing CMOS chips for quantum computing at IBM Research, then built consumer AI at IBM Watson and later pioneered the conversational forecasting platform for The Weather Channel that served two million people a day.

In 2019, we saw the dawn of the large language models coming and started EyeLevel. We were developer #20 working with OpenAI. From the outset, it was clear to us that companies would need sophisticated tooling that sits between their private data and large language models to make AI applications they could trust.

It also became clear that hallucination is the largest problem to solve with LLM apps today. The vast majority of LLM apps are stuck in the proof of concept stage because companies simply don't trust them enough to put into production.

We've spent the last two years identifying and fixing the core mechanical problems that lead RAG applications to hallucinate. And we've built that into GroundX APIs so you don't have to fight those battles alone.

The GroundX mission is to give you tools to build RAG applications you can trust and make it fast and simple to get there.

Leadership Team

Benjamin Fletcher, PhD

co-founder / ceo / chief scientist
Ben is a full stack AI engineer and product leader who has earned more than 20 patents over his two decade career. With a PhD in physics, Ben began his career working on IBM's CMOS chip team for quantum computing, then developing VPN architectures for mobile phones. At IBM Watson, Ben pioneered consumer AI applications and later led development of The Weather Channel's AI applications for millions of daily users.

Neil Katz

co-founder / chief operating officer
Neil has over two decades of experience as a product and content executive at CBS News, Weather Channel and IBM. He led products at Weather with over 200M global users and built a million member subscription business in 18 months. Neil is also a 4X Emmy winner.

Olivier Katz

co-founder / head of customer success
Olivier brings over 25 years of executive management experience in media and entertainment, marketing and advertising, technology and SaaS. His clients included PepsiCo, Coors Molson, AT&T, Comcast, Activision, Anheuser-Busch, and Sony Studios. Olivier co-founded Celluloid Media Group and grew annual revenue to over $70 million.