From Ingest to Retrieval in Minutes
with State of the Art Accuracy

Fine-Tuned Model Built for Your Complex Documents

Most documents contain visual elements that confuse LLMs and cause hallucination. Our fine-tuned model trained on hundreds of thousands of documents turns columns, tables, forms and other issues into content that LLMs understand.

Dynamic Chunking + Powerful Context Creation

Vector databases create hallucinations by stripping context from your content. GroundX dynamically chunks your content into coherent blocks and automatically generates context LLMs need to understand your data.

Proprietary Search that Beats Vector Similarity

Our proprietary search and ranker identifies hard to find content in your knowledgebase with curated retrievals that leave vectors in the dust.

Ingest Made Easy

You've got documents in many formats in many places. We've got it covered. Cloud stores, local files, no problem.

Private and Secure

The GroundX team built enterprise apps at IBM for more than a decade. We know security is everything.

Your projects run in virtual isolation, data is encrypted at rest and transit and you're in full control.

Retrieval Augmented Generation Made Easy

GroundX is the first full stack for building RAG applications. Parse, clean, ingest and store your data, connect to data stores, automatically generate metadata, powerful search and retrieval and encrypted cloud storage in one easy to use set of APIs.

Rank Every Result

GroundX returns a proprietary score for every retrieval that ranks results by their adherence to the question being asked.

Keep hallucinations under control by only sending high quality results to the LLM for generation.

Ready to build LLM-powered enterprise apps that are secure and truthful at lightning speed?


Made Truthful

Stop hallucinations in their tracks.

GroundX APIs address the core mechanical failures that push LLMs to hallucinate with private data: bad documents, bad context and bad search.

Find out why LLMs hallucinate with your data, why vector database are making it worse and what you can do about it.


Made Simple

We turn hundreds of hours of architecture, coding and testing into just a few simple API calls that outperform pure vector databases.


Made Secure

With GroundX, your data is stored in an encrypted, isolated cloud that is outside of LLMs and leaves you in control.

Build generative AI apps with privacy and security you can trust.